As part of Penn State’s efforts to maintain public health and safety in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, all in-person, University-sponsored events through June 30 will be canceled and updated as necessary. This includes many Outreach events. For questions, please contact us at For the latest updates and information, visit:

Student Engagement

Student Engagement Opportunities

Student engagement is out-of-classroom scholarship, research, and projects undertaken by Penn State students in service of the community. Outreach is proud to play a significant role in connecting students with unique learning opportunities and advancing Penn State’s land-grant mission. Through Outreach, Penn State students can learn by:

  • connecting with the natural world through hands-on experience, teaching, and leadership to promote environmental stewardship
  • partnering with artificial intelligence industry leaders to prototype and design solutions utilizing cutting-edge AI
  • creating content for a multichannel public media company
  • studying, researching, and working on capstone projects in an urban setting
  • assisting with the planning and implementation of events, conferences, and camps
  • sharing knowledge in an inter-generational learning experience

Programs offering student engagement opportunities

Visit these Penn State Outreach programs to learn more about opportunities for students.