Penn State Center Philadelphia

Penn State Center Philadelphia provides meaningful pathways for engagement between Penn State resources, faculty, and students and community members living in the Greater Philadelphia area. We listen to the needs of the city and leverage Penn State faculty expertise and student support resources to create solutions that will have lasting impact.

Our Mission

We foster collaboration among Philadelphia communities and Penn State to impact pressing urban issues through social justice approaches. Our engagement programs encourage participatory methods for developing solutions through field-based projects and scholarship that provide research and learning experiences for faculty, students, and community members.


More than 35 Penn State faculty have participated in the faculty academy program or received consultation, with 12 receiving seed money to fund their initiatives. More than 70 Penn State students have participated in internships, courses, faculty-led projects, and clinical experiences in Philadelphia. 

Student Engagement

The Center coordinates student participation in a semester-long social justice internship program that provides resident and Penn State World Campus students with an immersive and rewarding experience focused on social justice issues in Philadelphia. The Center can also help Penn State students discover and apply for internships in the city and surrounding areas by leveraging local knowledge and relationships. View opportunities.

There are unique opportunities for immersive, place-based experiences to address disparity and polarization in the Greater Philadelphia area. The Center delivers community adult education, faculty development, and student-centered engaged scholarship programs that cultivate and inspire agents of change.

—Shivaani Selvaraj, Director

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