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Outreach Awards

Opportunities for recognizing exceptional faculty and engaged scholarship initiatives are available each year. 

  • Emerging Faculty Outreach Award - This award recognizes early-career tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty members whose work has significant potential to advance engaged scholarship through teaching, research, and/or service. Their engaged scholarship work shows significant potential to influence societal issues on local, regional, or national levels.
  • Faculty Outreach Award - This award recognizes an individual faculty member for his/her body of work in and significant contribution to outreach and engaged scholarship. They have extended their scholarship to external constituents resulting in significant impact on individuals, communities, or organizations.
  • Community Engagement and Scholarship Award - This award recognizes a Penn State engaged scholarship project or initiative that exemplifies an engaged institution as defined in the Kellogg Commission Report Returning to Our Roots: The Engaged Institution.
  • Awards FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the Faculty Outreach Award and the Community Engagement and Scholarship Award.
  • Past Recipients - Past recipients of all Outreach and Engaged Scholarship Awards.