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Past Recipients

Community Engagement and Scholarship Award

  • 2022 — Dr. Peter Stempel, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, College of Arts and Architecture
  • 2022 Exemplary Distinction — Dr. Amulya Yadav, Assistant Professor, College of Information Sciences and Technology
  • 2022 Exemplary Distinction — Lisa Domenico Iulo, Associate Professor of Architecture, College of Arts and Architecture
  • 2021 — Dr. Shivaani Selvaraj, Director, Penn State Center Philadelphia, Penn State Outreach  
  • 2020 — Boaz Dvir, Assistant Professor; Director, Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Education Initiative, Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications
  • 2019 — Dr. Glenn Sterner III, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Division of Social Science, Penn State Abington
  • 2019 Exemplary Designation — Dr. Kristin Buss, Professor, Psychology; Director of PACT, College of the Liberal Arts
  • 2018 — Laurie Grobman, Professor, English and Women’s Studies, Division of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; Coordinator, Center for Service Learning and Community-Based Research, Penn State Berks
  • 2017 — Dr. Andrea Tapia, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Programs, College of Information Sciences and Technology
  • 2016 — Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness, led by Dr. Daniel Perkins, Clearinghouse Director and Professor, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • 2015 — Partners in Music, led by Dr. Linda Thornton and Dr. Robert Garner, School of Music, College of Arts and Architecture
  • 2014 — The PROSPER Project, led by Mark T. Greenberg, Bennett Chair of Prevention Research, College of Health and Human Development.
  • 2013 — Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE), led by Khanjan Mehta, Director, Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship Program, Instructor, Engineering Design. View the Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship video.
  • 2012 — CHANCE, Connecting Humans and Nature Through Conservation Experiences, led by Dr. Jacqueline McLaughlin, Associate Professor of Biology, Founding Director, CHANCE, Penn State Lehigh Valley.
  • 2011 — The Pittsburgh Studio: Regenerative Design in Stressed Communities, led by Ken Tamminga, College of Arts and Architecture. Read the news story. Watch Regenerative Design in Stressed Communities.
  • 2010 — Drug Resistance Strategies Project, which features the Keepin’ it REAL Curriculum, led by Dr. Michael Hecht and Dr. Michelle Miller-Day of the College of the Liberal Arts.
  • 2009 — Northern Appalachia Cancer Network: Changing Cancer Research, Changing People’s Lives, led by Dr. Eugene Lengerich, College of Medicine.
  • 2008 — Rethinking Urban Poverty: The Philadelphia Field Project, led by Dr. Lakshman Yapa, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.

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Dubin Pioneer Award

  • 2020 — Not awarded
  • 2019 — Dean Susan Welch
  • 2018 — Dr. Craig Weidemann
  • 2017 — Patty Satalia
  • 2016 — Dr. Pete Rubba
  • 2015 — Dr. Sara Parks
  • 2014 — Dr. Al Turgeon
  • 2013 — Dr. Jim Ryan
  • 2012 — Sandy Edwards
  • 2011 — Jim Campbell
  • 2010 — Marlowe Froke and Corky Potter
  • 2009 — Dr. Gary Miller

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Emerging Faculty Award

  • 2022 — Shaheen Pasha, Assistant Professor of Journalism, Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications
  • 2021 — Dr. Katherine Mclean, Associate Professor, Program Coordinator in Administration of Justice, Penn State Greater Allegheny
  • 2021 Exemplary Distinction — Dr. Kathleen Sexsmith, Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • 2020 — Dr. Rebecca Tarlau, Assistant Professor, Education, College of Education; Assistant Professor, Labor and Employment Relations, College of Liberal Arts
  • 2019 — Dr. Efrain Marimon, Assistant Professor; Director, Restorative Justice Initiative; Director, Social Justice Fellowship, College of Education
  • 2019 Exemplary Distinction — Pearl Gluck, Assistant Professor, Film-Video; Distinguished Honors Faculty, Schreyer Honors College
  • 2018 — Dr. Kristen P. Goessling, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Penn State Brandywine
  • 2017 — Dr. Carter Hunt, Assistant Professor, Recreation, Parks and Tourism Management, College of Health and Human Development
  • 2016 — Haley Sankey, Lecturer and Adviser, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

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Faculty Outreach Award

  • 2022 — Dr. Melanie Hetzel-Riggin, Professor of Psychology, Penn State Behrend
  • 2021 — Dr. Sascha D. Meinrath, Palmer Chair in Telecommunications, Bellisario College of Communications
  • 2021 Exemplary Distinction — Dr. William P. Bahnfleth, Professor of Architectural Engineering, College of Engineering
  • 2020 — Dr. Jacob Benfield, Associate Professor, Psychological & Social Sciences; Director, Abington Center for Civic Engagement and Social Scholarship (ACCESS)
  • 2019 — Dr. Carleen Maitland, Associate Professor; Co-director, Institute for Information Policy, College of Information Sciences and Technology
  • 2019 Exemplary Distinction — Mark Lusk, Professor (Trombone), School of Music, College of Arts and Architecture
  • 2018 — Dr. Paul Patterson, Professor, Poultry Science and Extension Specialist, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • 2017 — Dr. Arthur Hattel, Assistant Professor, Animal Diagnostic Laboratory, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • 2016 — Dr. Roger Finke, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies, Director of the Association of Religion Data Archives, College of the Liberal Arts
  • 2015 — Dr. Laurie Grobman, Professor of English and Women’s Studies, Penn State Berks
  • 2014 — Dr. Yuefeng Xie, Professor of Environmental Engineering, School of Science, Engineering, and Technology, Penn State Harrisburg
  • 2013 — Dr. Timothy Kelsey, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Co-Director, Center for Economic and Community Development
  • 2012 — Dr. Samuel W. Monismith, Associate Professor of Health Education, School of Behavioral Sciences and Education, Penn State Harrisburg
  • 2011 — Dr. Collins Airhihenbuwa, Professor and Head of the Department of Biobehavioral Health, College of Health and Human Development
  • 2010 — Dr. Karen Bierman, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, College of the Liberal Arts, and Director of the Child Study Center
  • 2009 — Dr. Robert P. Brooks, Professor of Geography and Ecology, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, and Director of the Penn State Cooperative Wetlands Center
  • 2008 — Dr. Eugene Lengerich, Professor of Public Health Sciences, Family and Community Medicine, and Health Policy and Administration, Director of Community Outreach and Education, Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute
  • 2007 — Dr. Barbara Sims, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, School of Public Affairs, Penn State Harrisburg
  • 2006 — Dr. Charles Abdalla, Associate Professor of Agricultural and Environmental Economics, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • 2005 — Dr. James A. Pawelczyk, Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Physiology, The College of Health and Human Development
  • 2004 — Dr. Cheryl A. Dellasega, Associate Professor of Humanities, and Chair of the Arts, Healing and Humanities Committee of The Doctors Kienle Center for Humanistic Medicine, College of Medicine
  • 2003 — Dr. Mark T. Greenberg, Bennett Chair in Prevention Research and Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, The College of Health and Human Development
  • 2002 — Dr. Audrey Maretzki, Professor of Food Science, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • 2001 — Dr. Keith Verner, Chief of the Division of Developmental Pediatrics and Learning, College of Medicine
  • 2000 — Dr. Lakshman Yapa, Associate Professor of Geography, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
  • 1999 — Dr. James Van Horn, Professor of Rural Sociology, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • 1998 — Dr. Jawaid Haider, Professor of Architecture, College of Arts and Architecture

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Fischer Award of Distinction

  • 2020 — Not awarded
  • 2019 — Robert J. Beaury
  • 2018 — Dr. Mary Ellen Litzinger
  • 2017 — Sheila Gallucci-Davis
  • 2016 — Paul Umbach
  • 2015 — Beverly Wise
  • 2014 — Daniel Mazur
  • 2013 — Nancy Silvis
  • 2012 — Steve Schlotterbeck
  • 2011 — Robert Tunno
  • 2010 — Jane Zimmerman
  • 2009 — Frank Mayadas
  • 2008 — Richard B. Fischer

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