Summer Camp at Shaver’s Creek

Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center offers camp opportunities each summer for kids ages 4–14.

Here are the inspiring statistics for the 2023 summer camp season:

  • 7 weeks of camp
  • more than 60 sandcastles built 
  • 100 Iron Owl sightings — The Iron Owl and Owlette are dear friends of camp. Stories tell how a flight through the nearby old Monroe Iron Furnace many years ago fated them to be made of iron forever. They still live in the area, exploring Shaver’s Creek at night, as any owl would, and roosting during the day. Campers are challenged to find their hidden roosting spots, which are always changing.
  • 108 crayfish found
  • 183 camp stamp puzzlers — The Camp Stamp Puzzler is a friend of camp who challenges campers by presenting groups with a clue, accompanied by an educational experience, that then leads to another clue, and so forth, eventually leading to the stamp of the day. 
  • 201 hours of programming
  • 615 total campers
  • more than 1,000 ice cream cones consumed
  • infinite laughs and memories made

This year, camps focused on insects, amphibians, herbal remedies, and the five senses and how they relate to biodiversity, adaptations, natural cycles, and interrelationships. Shaver’s Creek aims to incorporate nature, experience, and learning into all that they do while providing a variety of experiences to help everyone make strong connections. 

Check the Shaver’s Creek Summer Camps web page to learn more about camp offerings!