Meanwhile in Johnstown…

Spider-Man, the beloved web-slinging superhero, has captured the imaginations of millions around the world since his debut in 1962. Co-created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, Spider-Man revolutionized the comic book industry with his relatable character, unique abilities, and iconic red and blue webbed costume. Although Stan Lee is often credited as the face of Marvel Comics, Ditko’s artistic vision and intricate storytelling gave life to Spider-Man. Their collaboration resulted in a cultural icon that continues to inspire generations of fans and remains a testament to the enduring power of storytelling.

Steve Ditko: Superhero of Johnstown,” a short film by WPSU’s talented producers Andy Grant and Chris Kugler, takes viewers to the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where Ditko’s superhero origins began to unfold. Nestled in the historic cultural district of Cambria City, the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center stands as a dynamic 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization dedicated to inspiring artistic passion, fostering community connectivity, promoting ethnic appreciation, and championing sustainable practices. As devoted comic book fans, Grant and Kugler were excited to tell this remarkable story upon discovering that the co-creator of one of the greatest superheroes grew up just a stone’s throw away from State College.

Video courtesy of WPSU

The focal point of the film revolves around the town’s heartfelt tribute to the comic book icon with a public art project. A conversation with Matt Lamb, the creative director of the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center, explains how the center initially started an exhibit dedicated to honoring Steve Ditko and his profound impact on the comic book industry. As Lamb eloquently expresses, “There’s not a more recognizable character on the planet than Spider-Man. When you think about the web pattern on that Spider-Man costume and the masked face…it’s really iconic.” What started as a mere exhibition soon evolved into a stirring exploration of public art. With the invaluable approval from Marvel, the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center took a momentous step and unveiled the first-ever Steve Ditko tribute mural on the side of Stone Bridge Brewing Company, a captivating artwork that showcases Spider-Man and Dr. Strange in all their glory.

Photo of Steve Ditko mural located on Stone Bridge Brewing Co in Johnstown, PA
Photo courtesy of WPSU

Just as it took a team to create the Spider-Man franchise, it took a community to create the 28-feet high, 49-feet wide mural. The turnout was more than anyone imagined, and what was scheduled for ten painting sessions finished within six. “The response was incredible. Everybody wanted to be a part of it,” exclaimed Lamb.

In 1889, Johnstown experienced the Great Johnstown Flood. With lives lost, the town had to figure out how to rebuild, and although it’s a story of great tragedy, it’s also one of inspiration and triumphant recovery. “As Matt said in the piece, the community reaction to the mural painting was far greater than they expected. Johnstown is often a city remembered for the tragedy in its past, so having something positive as part of their present and future seems to have struck a chord with the community,” said WPSU producer Andy Grant. With the immense support from the community, Bottle Works decided to create a second mural standing 20 feet high and 93 feet wide, which is still in the works. The theme: a retrospective of Steve’s career and the comic book characters he helped create.

group assembling the first Ditko mural
Photo courtesy of WPSU

The timeless legacy of Spider-Man and his co-creator, Steve Ditko, has transcended comic book pages and found a special place within the hearts of the community of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Through their unwavering dedication, the town’s residents, along with the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center, crafted a profound tribute to Ditko’s remarkable contributions to the world of superheroes. By immortalizing Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and Steve’s legacy on the walls of community buildings, the people of Johnstown have created a lasting symbol of admiration, sparking conversations and igniting the imagination of passersby. This collective effort is a testament to the enduring influence of Spider-Man, Steve Ditko, and the incredible capacity of a community to honor and uplift the heroes who inspire us all.

The End?

Spider-Man mural with "The End" captioned at bottom
Photo courtesy of WPSU