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Transforming Education

Penn State will be a leader in the transformation of education, fulfilling its land-grant mission in a 21st-century context and continuing to drive discovery-focused research across disciplines. Areas of focus include:

  • Advancing the frontiers of knowledge.
  • Fostering a curriculum that integrates multiple modes of delivery, while leveraging online capabilities and enhanced and emerging digital learning options.
  • Supporting and empowering our outstanding faculty and staff.
  • Preparing students for success in their careers and in life.
  • Collaborating with pre-college educators.

Outreach Team Members

  • Andy Gatto, Gifts Officer, Development 
  • Cece Merkel, WPSU
  • Lindsay Miller, Director, Conferences and Institutes
  • Shivaani Selvaraj, Director, Philadelphia Center
  • Roxanne Shiels, Outreach Marketing
  • Brad Zdenek, Program Manager, Nittany AI Alliance