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2015 Visual Art Camp Offering

The dates for the 2015 School of Visual Arts: Summer Art Camp are Sunday, July 5, through Saturday, July 11. Registration and updated information is expected to be available on this website beginning in January 2015. To be notified when registration opens, please send an email to AKG2@psu.edu with “Art Camp” in the email subject line. Thank you for your interest!

General Information Regarding the 2014 Camp:

If you are a high school student with a strong interest in the visual arts, the 2014 School of Visual Arts (SoVA) Summer Art Camp, July 13 through 19, at Penn State University Park, was created for you. The camp, open to students entering grades 9 through 12 (and just-graduated seniors), will provide an intensive residential studio workshop program across various art media.

The camp’s theme, Portfolio Processes, underscores the goals of the program — to help you learn how to develop an art portfolio. SoVA’s Edwin W. Zoller Gallery will serve as a studio for campers to display and critique their work. The week concludes with an exhibition in the gallery showcasing campers’ creative talents for family and friends.

Most college art schools require the submission of an art portfolio to gain acceptance into degree programs. Participants will produce portfolio-quality work in a university environment. The art portfolio is a window into one’s artistic identity, because the images and ideas are an indication of how an artist thinks and makes decisions, uses materials to solve problems, shows what is important, and displays where the imagination can take us.

The creative decisions that you make when creating an artwork are similar to the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that artists and designers use in their studios. A primary goal of the SoVA Summer Art Camp is to help you develop a distinctive vision and voice by learning new artistic and technical processes that will enhance your preparation of a distinctive portfolio.

The camp schedule will include workshops focused on drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics, taught by experienced graduate art students and faculty. All workshops will be held in the SoVA art and computer studios. Campers will immerse themselves into life as a Penn State School of Visual Arts student, participating in film nights and social activities within the school and throughout the campus.

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