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    Historical Legacies, Contemporary Strategies, and Promise for the Future

Who Should Attend

Academics in education, the social sciences, public policy and law; policymakers; practitioners (P–20); legal and policy advocates; civil rights groups; graduate students; journalists; political commentators; attorneys; community leaders; legislators; and judges

Why Attend?

This conference will explore the most effective strategies to expand quality access to, and meaningful integration within, educational settings for students of color — what worked in the past, what holds promise for the future.

Featured Keynote

Our keynote speaker will be Lani Guinier, Bennett Boskey Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, and renowned authority on the critical issues of race, gender, and democratic decision making.

Penn State’s College of Education will host an interdisciplinary civil rights conference and related graduate student symposium in the summer of 2014. The primary goal of the conference is to address the inability of many students of color to access high-quality pre–K through higher education — still uneven for young people from historically marginalized groups and/or in many urban and increasingly in suburban settings. While many policy proposals have focused on access to education, there has been much less attention to racial inequality and segregation in access to P–20 education, even as the percentage of students of color is rapidly increasing. This conference seeks to explore what strategies have been effective in expanding educational opportunities for these students — and how we can implement additional best practices that will ensure equity in public education for the future.

The conference will feature invited speakers, such as federal government officials working in civil rights and education, educators who are currently implementing integration or affirmative action plans, and long-time scholars in the field. We plan to hold a graduate symposium on Friday morning, a dinner Friday evening with a major speaker, and a day-and-a-half–long conference beginning on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.

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