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    Alcohol,‌ Campuses,‌ and‌ Communities: Partnering‌ for‌ Solutions
    October‌ 7,‌ 2013‌
    The‌ Penn‌ Stater‌ Conference‌ Center‌ Hotel, State‌ College,‌ PA

Who Should Attend?

Who Should Attend?

Individuals with an interest in the impact of alcohol and dangerous drinking on campuses and communities.

Why Attend?

Why Attend?

Hear from both national experts and practitioners in the field of addressing dangerous drinking among college students, including the latest in evidence-based interventions.

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Sign up today. Join the discussion with colleagues about how to create a safer, more secure environment for students.

Alcohol affects virtually every aspect of higher education, including the communities in which institutions are located. Communication across various stakeholders is critical to developing effective strategies to address the harmful effects of dangerous drinking. Examining the complex issues from a broader perspective and learning about research and promising practices across domains could enhance communication and lead to more effective coordinated efforts. The goals of the conference include providing an opportunity for education, information sharing, networking, and meaningful discussion for those invested in this work at higher education institutions and in college communities. Sessions will consist of the current research in this multidisciplinary field as well as “best practices” and innovative, evidence-based programs.

Featured Speakers

Note: Due to the federal government shutdown, speakers Aaron White and Ralph Hingson will not be permitted to participate unless Congress passes a budget by Saturday night. The alternate keynote speaker will be John Hustad, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Public Health Sciences in Penn State’s College of Medicine.

Tom Workman, Principal Communication Researcher and Evaluator, Health Program, American Institutes for Research

Bob Saltz, Senior Research Scientist, Prevention Research Center (Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation)

Ralph Hingson, Director, Epidemiology and Prevention Research, NIAAA

Aaron White, Program Director, College and Underage Drinking Prevention Research, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, NIAAA (Tentative)

Linda Major, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Director, Center for Civic Engagement, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

See the agenda page for a complete list of speakers.


  • To bring together students, faculty, staff, administration, community members, and parents and families to engage in discussion around alcohol, campuses, and communities
  • To foster collaboration among researchers and practitioners in the area of high-risk drinking
  • To facilitate learning and dialogue across constituencies